Nursery Project

Drip Irrigation System

Recently, a British volunteer assisted ARF with the setup and first trials of a small-scale irrigation technique using a local ‘drip irrigation system’ in Pangani, on the Tanzanian East-coast. With this experience a set-up has recently been made in Eselelei.

After a few weeks of trial enough data will have been gathered to perform a workshop in which we will demonstrate the principle of this system and how to use it to grow vegetables in semi arid conditions.
The garden itself will be available for the community and serve as an example for people to copy in their own settlements.

Expanding on the drip-irrigation-project

With the successful operation of our first drip-irrigation project in the coastal village of Pangani and the villagers enjoying the first vegetables grown using this technique, the possibility arose to expand this project into a full nursery, where villagers can grow native plants and trees as an income generating project. We will work with specialists in this field to look into the sustainability of such a program, along with the starting capital needed.

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