Using a waste product to generate income

Everybody that has been to Pangani once knows that the area is full of coconut groves and deserted beaches. But whereas the coconuts themselves are of great use to the village, once used, their husks are often disposed of, generating beaches and riversides flooded with coconut husks. This nuisance can quite easily be turned into an enormous opportunity since the husks can be turned into bio-briquettes with a very simple process. The briquettes themselves can be used for cooking by the community or even for sale to the surrounding communities, generating income for the people involved, enabling them to better their own futures.


The benefits of using bio-briquettes made out of coconut are many; it burns very efficiently and smokeless compared to charcoal and leaves almost no residue, relieves the pressure on the environment by reducing the cutting of trees for charcoal and if well run, can create a steady source of income out of something that up until now is considered a waste product.

Developing the project

This project is very near execution, we are looking into a proper place to start a small factory in cooperation with the villagers of Pangani and are in contact with similar projects run in Kenya (see picture) to be able to benefit from their knowledge and best practices.

We are still looking for volunteers with relevant knowledge to assist us and the community of Pangani; if you have any experience with the local, small scale processing of bio-briquettes or related technologies, please contact us to assist!

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