Water catchment system

One of the needs articulated by all of the Maasai of the community of Eselelei is access to (clean) drinking water. Due to the semi-arid environment, women and especially children spend many hours a day walking to the nearest place to get water for the family. Getting water to the area will help the community in two ways; first and most importantly, people need clean water to improve their health and reduce child mortality. Additionally, be relieving the children of their daily water duties, they will be able to use this time to go to school, creating a better future for their community.

Sand dam project utilising adjacent korongo

Experience of a project like this in Kenya pointed us to the availability of using ‘sand dams’, to catch existing ground water and funnel it towards places where it can be pumped out of the ground. We will actively research the possibilities for this in Eselelei and if deemed possible, start fundraising for this solution.

If you or anybody you know has experience with the utilization of existing water sources in semi-arid environments, please come and help us enable this community by sharing your knowledge, be it from a distance or maybe even in person!

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