Our projects

Our projects

From the start of ARF in 2007, we have been taking stock of the issues facing the communities in an a number of areas; from the small, unknown village of Kikokwe on the Swahili coast, via the people living near Lake Nyasa in the Livingstone Mountain range to the area near Tarangire National Park, on the edge of the Great Rift Valley. A number of projects have been initiated and the communities created their first successes…

In 2010…

In Esilalei we built a community centre from where volunteers have started teaching the pre-primary school aged Maasai children in the area English, Swahili and everyday knowledge of the natural resources so abundant in this area. The centre has been used for a number of workshops on issues like energy efficient stoves and a small vegetable garden is being tested using a simple drip-irrigation system utiltising existing rain-water. Village fees collected through eco-tourism made a contribution possible towards a community initiated project to bring in piped water from the village of Mto-wa-mbu. (read more…)

In Kikokwe, a little beach-village close to Pangani, we assisted in the building of an adventure play ground for the children of Kikokwe, we’ve had volunteers giving English lessons at varyious schools in the area and recently provided funds for the construction of a building for maize grinding and the installation of a milling machine, all thanks to generous donations and village fees paid by eco-tourists. (read more…)

Near Lake Nyasa, situated in the Livingstone mountain range (also known as ‘pottery peninsula‘) we established walking routes and local accommodation for sustainable tourism with the possibility to train local individuals as walking guides to open up tourism in the Lake Nyasa region and we’re assisting in the distribution and (fair trade) sale of the pottery that is made locally in the area.

In Tarangire a community living on the foot of the Great Rift Valley could use some assistance with supplies for the local school which we could provide for thanks to donations and eco-tourism. Close contacts with the village elders taught us a next step forward would be the availibility of clean drinking water near the school and village, which is something we’re looking into assisting them with in 2009 (read more…)

Looking forward…

Sustainability does not come easy; we will continue monitoring and expanding the successes described above and we’ll keep in close contact with the elders and representatives of the villages and communities to see if things are moving in the right direction. To expand on our (and the communities) work so far, we are in need of volunteers and donations to complement the income generated from visiting eco-tourists. Specifically, we will need volunteers with skills relevant to our goals for these areas and donations assisting communities with the start-up costs for these projects.

How can you assist??

Volunteer for one of our projects. You can join existing volunteering opportunities in Eselelei or help us to set up new volunteering programs in Pangani and Tarangire. You’ll be able to make a sustainable, hands-on contribution sharing your knowedge and best-practices with smart, motivated people in the project areas. We offer opportunities ranging from two to eight weeks, combined with some real bush and/or beach experiences. Picture yourself sipping a cool drink on the white sandsof Zanzibar with the satisfaction of a job well done and return home with the addresses of new friends from across the globe!

See more about volunteering for the ARF on our volunteering pages here…

Donate to one of our projects. There were two things standing in the way of progress for the communities visited that ARF (with your help) can assist with. We wrote about volunteering to share your knowledge. But equally important is that every project, no matter how sustainable, needs up-front funds to start. Buildings need to be erected, machines and/or tools constructed or purchased, bills need to be paid. ARF will use your donation of any kind wisely and you will receive personal feedback on how we spent your contibution. On the project, never on back-end issues like ARF salaries, advertising materials or business cards, to name a few.

Read more on our project pages for a detailed overview of items needed to start our programs…

Project Pages

  • Esilalei Manyara – Community centre for kindergarten and adult education – guide training program for Masai women and men. Installation of a fresh water well. Establishment of a dispensery. Education into deforestation.
  • Pangani Kikowe (Pangani beach area). Research into and setup of a small factory for the conversion of Coconut husks, a waste product, into Bio Briquettes. Extending water supply from dispensary to primary school.
  • Tarangire – Great Rift Valley.