Take some time out to do something completely different; enjoy, experience, teach and participate in teambuilding whilst making an active contribution to the daily life and future opportunities of the people in rural Tanzania. You’ll be living amongst some of the different tribes of Tanzania and experience the daily life of people from cultures far removed from your everyday experiences, not as a tourist from afar but as (temporary) part of their communities. Character building experiences you will never forget!

In 2009, the African Roots Foundation will be focusing on three key areas; by signing up for one or a combination of any of the projects described here, you’ll be contributing in the best possible way, together with the communities involved, truly hands-on, enriching your own life as well as that of all those involved…

The projects

  1. Eselelei Maasai Community. Living and working with the Maasai of Eselelei; conservation field studies and wildlife surveys, manning the nursery and educating community adults in the community centre, the start-up of a nursery etc… (click here for more!)
  2. Kikokwe, Pangani beach area. Assist in the building of an adventure playground for the children of Kikokwe, a small and hardly visited village south of the Pangani river. Construction of a building for the grinding of maize and the installation of a milling machine, research in the setup of a bio-fuel (coconut) processing plant, etc.. (click here for more!)
  3. Tarangire, Great Rift Valley. A new project area for the ARF where we will be working with the community on the installation of a water sharing facility, piping in the water coming down from the plateau above and working with the community in defining the priorities for the coming years… (click here for more!)

The packages

African Roots Foundation is a knowledge driven initiative with very limited resources. We work closely with the communities in the project areas to ensure that all the money we collect through eco-tourism and donations is spent on the projects where they have maximum effect; no money will be used for our ‘back-office’ which is operating on a not-for-profit basis.

Depending on the projects you will be joining, we are offering placements for a period of 2 to 8 weeks per project, combined with some relaxation in the bush. Additionally, through our close cooperation with Bush2Beach safaris, we can offer extensions to your visit, before or after your work with our projects. These range from climbing that magnificent Mt. Kilimanjaro to diving lessons from the white sanded beaches of Zanzibar. 

What will be included:

  • In country transport (by 4×4 vehicle or public transport when possible)
  • Sleeping arrangements in the community (simple but clean & safe)
  • Three meals a day
  • 24 hour in-country support in case of emergency 

What is not included:

  • International (and national) flights to and from Kilimanjaro & Dar-es-Salaam International Airports
  • Travel insurance and vaccinations
  • Visa where applicable

As all projects and placements are tailor made to ensure we can match your particular skills to the right project, the above information serves merely as a guideline.

If any of the projects mentioned above are something you want to contribute to, be it through fund-raising events at home or by volunteering here in Tanzania, please click here to contact us; we’ll get straight back to you with what the possibilities are!

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