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As mentioned on our page about ARF, part of the funding needed to operate our projects is generated directly from (eco-)tourism. Alternatively, tourists visiting our projects sometimes make on-the-spot donations, all of which are very welcome as they allow us continuity during the start-up of all these initiatives.

Sustainability is one thing, and a good thing for that matter. All projects however, need a financial injection to enable a proper start. Which is why we, and through us the communities in rural Tanzania, can always use assistance. Maybe you feel like taking a break from your everyday work or school life and come to Tanzania as a volunteer.

Maybe you are touched by the stories we share here with you and you want to donate to the foundation or one of our specific projects.

Whatever your input, help or financial assistance, ARF will always assure you get to see the results of that help, be it through the news-items on this site, through email or (preferably) in person. We strive for transparency and are always available to show you just how your money has been used and who exactly benefitted.

Donations to the African Roots Foundation

If you would like to support any of our on-going projects please drop us a mail to receive the correct banking information:

Volunteering for African Roots Foundation

Our projects depend on the input of the communities combined with the knowledge and efforts of volunteers, without whom none of these projects would run. Do you want to make a difference? Please click here to see how you can help out on one or more of our projects!

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