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The Maasai of Esilalei

4 Jun

The Maasai of Esilalei

Esilalei village has been a settlement since 1977 before which time the Maasai, it’s current occupants, lived a nomadic life. They still enjoy free access across the land, including across the country borders.

Nowadays, Esilalei village comprises over 500 people living in around 50 separate Bomas (traditional Maasai settlements), covering the area between Manyara lake and the mountain ranges running from the North-West to the East. (more…)

The life history of Maasai

8 Jul

Maasai youth and warriors in front of their bomaThe Maasai are one of the tribes found in the Northern part of Tanzania, around the Arusha region. As one of the 125 tribes of Tanzania, they are believed to have originated from Sudan and to have migrated through the river Nile into Kenya and then Tanzania, due to their nomadic lifestyle whereby they move from one region to another in search of greener pastures for the lifestock.