About us

About us

The African Roots Foundation is a non-profit Community Development organisation operating in Tanzania, East-Africa. Based in Arusha, the safari capital of the country, It was founded in 2007 on initiative of Bush2Beach Safaris to create a platform for inter-cultural experiences through which Western and African cultures combine their strengths to increase the self support opportunities of local rural communities through the initiation of integrated, community based development projects that are actively and physically supported by eco-tourism.

Our Mission

To improve the standard of living of small rural communities whilst protecting the natural environment through the creation of small scale, sustainable projects with the members of these communities, assisted by eco-volunteers and eco-tourism to the mutual benefit of both the communities involved as well as their visitors, delivering an active and sustainable contribution throughout Tanzania.

Project guidelines

  • All our projects must meet the immediate needs of the communities involved as agreed upon by local village leaders and representatives of the communities involved.
  • Our projects must provide additional income and employment through the promotion of fair trade and sustainable tourism in the project areas.
  • Our projects increase future opportunities and self-reliance by providing education and health increasing means and measures, and
  • Our projects contribute to the conservation of natural resources and wildlife through education and research.

Project areas

  • Education; from toddler to adult, on the conservation of the environment and wildlife, health & HIV awareness.
  • Promotion of cultural traditions and practices.
  • Fair trade of locally manufactured cultural crafts.
  • Health awareness programs & health improvement measures.
  • Water management and sustainable use of natural resources.
  • Natural environment and wildlife, eco- and low impact tourism.

How it all started

Bush2beach Safaris, a safari outfitter operating from Arusha, Northern Tanzania specialises in offering their clients a pristine wilderness experience and ‘grass roots’ cultural tourism experiences throughout Tanzania. They experienced first hand how the rural communities in areas visited by their clients are in dire need of education, employment and trade opportunities to enable them to take control of their own future. Though rich in natural resources and man-power, it’s the infrastructure of knowledge and (micro) finances that makes any progress difficult.

This brought about the first ideas and creation of a Community Development foundation aimed at providing that infrastructure, enabling the communities themselves to initiate projects focussed on not just the immediate but also the future needs and opportunities for growth. All of this supported by eco-tourism and volunteers visiting Tanzania, combining true-life cultural experiences and exchanges of ideas with the opportunity to contribute in a very substantial, active and unique way.

Who we are

The African Roots Foundation is a small organisation, and aims to keep it that way. No big back-office consuming money, it’s pure coordination and fund-raising we do here. In fact, over the previous years all of the operational costs for the foundation have been paid for by Bush2Beach Safaris, enabling us to use 100% of your donations on our projects!