Gift a Light

6 Dec

Gift a Light

Make a Difference…

Millions in Tanzania live without reliable access to electricity and most burn dangerous, unhealthy, polluting and expensive kerosene lamps for light. These can easily be replaced with small scale, affordable solar products – leading to a cleaner, healthier, more prosperous community.

Everyone visiting our Isoitok Maasai camp during their safari can see these lights with their own eyes, and talk to the Maasai about what light means for their evenings and nights, and choose to donate one or two of these lights. Each donated light will be handed over to a new family in the community, lighting up yet another boma (Maasai settlement).

A solar light:

  • Saves money and time removing the need to buy kerosene and batteries.
  • Protects the environment by removing batteries from the waste-chain.
  • Improves peoples health by eliminating the dangerous kerosene fumes.
  • Allows kids to study after the chores of the day, when it gets dark outside.
  • Improves the life of elders by adding a few more productive hours to the day.

What you can do

From where you are reading this, you can of-course donate any amount and ear-mark it for one of the solar lights described below. And every-one that visits the Isoitok Maasai Camp as part of their Bush2Beach Safari trip can take direct action by purchasing one or more lights at the community centre itself. This way, you can see with your own eyes the immediate benefits to the surrounding community that your donation makes!

We are offering the following solar lights (both types are usually available at the centre but if you intend to donate one or more sets, please let us know beforehand so we can make sure):

Nokero N-200

Nokero N-200 Solar BulbNokero (short for No Kerosene) brings a new offering to the East-African market, the N-200 Solar Bulb. This unique light-bulb shaped solar-light is a self-contained, sturdy and easy to use solution giving up to 6 hours of bright white light on a single day’s charge. As their website states (somewhat optimistically), “pays itself back in 2 months by saving on kerosene or expensive candles”.

During the day these bulbs can be hung outside in the sun on the branch of any tree; at night they are placed in the middle of a hut, lighting up a families evening…

The price for one Nokero N-200 solar-bulb is US$ 20.-

SunLite Solar Kit

One step up is the SunLite Solar Kit. This kit consists of a solar-panel, a little control-box with the charger-controller and battery, a very bright LED-light with long cable and some wires and connectors to connect the most used mobile phones.

In addition to a slightly larger capacity and brighter light, this kit therefore also allows for the charging of mobile phones, saving more money and potentially offering a small additional income charging phones for others.

The price for one SunLite Solar Kit is US$ 50,-

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