Volunteering with the Maasai children in Esilalei

15 Oct

Volunteering with the Maasai children in Esilalei

Esilalei is a village in Northern Tanzania located in the heart of Maasai land. Situated on sloping hills overlooking Lake Manyara National Park and the Great Rift Valley, the Maasai’s livelihood still largely depends on cattle herding. With a per capita income of about $1 a day, the primary focus of families is on providing for the basic needs (food and shelter). For many, providing education for their children is something they simply can’t afford.

In 2007, ARF started working with the community leaders and local residents on a community development program, aiming to improve the available opportunities of the community involved.

Community Centre Eselelei

Volunteering at the community centre

Though there already is one primary school in the village, built by the Government, a clear need was identified for a community (learning) center which can be used as a kindergarten, a community library, tuition center for students as well as a place for the provision of adult education and community workshops.

Childrens DrawingsWe are looking for enthousiastic volunteers that are available to run a kindergarten program for the youngest amongst the children. This way, you combine the unforgettable experience of living amongst the Maasai with the possibility of sharing your culture and knowledge with the children, as they will be teaching you about their life and habits.

The teaching will be combined with many outings in the bush and a first hand experience of the daily life and habits of the Maasai. From traditional dancing to a Maasai BBQ, culture does not get any more real then this…

What will your help accomplish?

Given the limited financial resources of the community, there is no money to pay for a trained teacher. Community members are available for assistance but we found that what the children benefit from most in their education later on in life is to speak, read and write English. Besides, any time when two cultures meet the participants learn from each-other and children cannot be too young to be  introduced to other cultures. You’ll be using your own skills and get direct results in the form of the growth in knowledge and enjoyment present in the kids that come to the centre. You know the saying: ‘give a man a fish and he has food for one day, teach him how to fish and he has food for ever’.

Best time to come

This position is available through-out the year, with every period, dry or wet, having its own distinctive benefits; from Giraffes munching on fresh leaves right next to the camp in the rainy season to the pure bush feeling during the dry months…


If you want us to get in touch with you about the possibilities for volunteering, you can use the form here. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible!

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