Bicycle maize grinders

15 Aug

Bicycle maize grinders

Mr Seymon Dukach, of Russian descent, grew up in Moscow, moved to USA at a young age and now lives in Boston. Successfully raised 3 daughters and several businesses, he thought he would dedicate his time to helping others and came up with his new business “Global Cycle Solutions“.

He is not out to make money on this one although he will but wanted to make what he did next in his life have purpose. We met him by chance in Arusha, got chatting and one thing led to another till he caught my interest completely with this appliance, which they call the “Corn Sheller“.

We therefore arranged for two of these machines to be put in place in Esilalei, near the community center for all to take advantage of the facility.

Further more, with details of skilled engineers we ourselves use, mr. Dukach placed and order with Karam engineers for 1000 pcs – further keeping the business within TZ as opposed to china where he normally is getting the huskers made.

Project Facts

  • We visited Eselalei on 15/08/09 to test drive the bicycle powered shelling machine.
  • It fits onto the back of any bicycle – elevating the need to travel to nearby villages further paying for milling and transport.
  • Same skills for maintenance as a bicycle are required, which are locally available.
  • One of these machines costs $60 and can be mounted on any standard bicycle.

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