Community in charge

17 Dec

Community in charge

A clear example of our emphasis on community driven initiatives, as opposed to a top-down approach, is the problem of access to water in Eselelei. In this case, the Maasai themselves decided the best solution would be to pipe in water from the village of Mto wa mbu, 25 km’s west and had already started collecting money amongst the community members. When ARF was presented with a plan and costing, we were able to contribute the missing funds out of village fees collected through the cultural tourism program and donations received from visitors.

The Maasai were in charge for the entire project; they purchased the materials, provided the labour and guided the project until its completion. Any day now, the pipeline will be connected to the main water supply and the village will have access to clean water, freeing women and children from the task of walking miles to fetch water, allowing them to go to school and take their education into their own hands. When this happens, we will of course share it with you in words and pictures.

We are convinced that by supporting community driven initiatives with knowledge and access to micro finance, the projects will be sustainable and aligned to the real needs of the communities involved.

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